Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Placements over

wooh//placements at GIM were just great this year

Read more abt it on www.gim.ac.in

Moi landed up at IMRB, Mumbai

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Placement week begins at GIM on Dec 17 ..Lets hope for the best!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

We have an Intra College Cricket Tournament called Basanti. My personal Basanti campaign came to a Not so Happy end when we ended up on the Losing side in a Nail biting Encounter.it was my last match at Basanti.
Basanti was a Very Important Part of My stay at GIM .We were a Second srting Team ,But the way we gelled, Played and Had fun for 2 years in the Tournament was Fabulous.

Hail Basanti

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Movie Analogy

Did this ever happen to u?

The movie u go to see in a multiplex is going housefull whearas the movie u dont want to see..u suddently get a complementary pass for it...

This is a gr8 analogy fr whats happening in my life now

Talking of my roomie..he hasnt even asked the ticket counter if tickets are available.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Choosing the best team is so damn difficult..take the example of Cricket .Are the best 11 necessarily the best team .We talk about how the Indian team seldom has the best 11 playing.tats becayuse maybe the top 1 can't gel together as a team .Whats the use of them being in the same team then.

The best example is the World 11.It had arguably the best 11 payers outside of Austrailia who were fit enough to play.Yet they lost badly to an Austrailian team which was out of form and luck.Why ? Cos the Austrailians played as a unit which the World 11 cound't do..Period

Hence I say..the best people don't neccessarily make the best team.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Festivities Galore

We celebrated Navratri and Dussera in Campus .Saturday night we had the Gujrathi Dandiya and Today we had Dussera , with the burning of Ravan's Effigy signifying victory of good over evil.

I sometimes feel like the Campus is a Mini India .Its true in most Top MBA colleges in India nowadays.wegetto learn new cultures , eat good food from other regions in India etc.I fel that its a good thing fr students.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Salaam Namaste

Yesterday I saw Salaam Namaste On LAN.I Think its strictly an OK Movie , and certainly does not live up to the hype some of its ardent fans create.

The kind of life Saif leads .well cannot even be a creation of the most irrational of thinkers .What crap about him going to a restaurant to design it and becoming a chef there..huh.

And the Side Characters are really Sidey.Whats with the overacting of the Restaraunt Owner, the Radio Station Owner and most shockingly Javed Jaffery's Character.AB's Baby in the final moments is a real pain ,when he comes for a guest appearance in Yash Uncle's Film.

And any Rational person who saw the film would kno..The 2nd half of the movie looked so similar to "Kya Kehna".And I saw Saif Giving a lecture toArshad Warsi on Using Protection ..Hello Chote Nawab..havent u heard of the Dictum "Practice Before U Preach"

All in all I felt that Arshad Warsi's Character was well written.Jugal Hansraj was a waste .And whats this new craze in the Yashraj Stable to base all their films Abroad?This Yashraj film certainly didnt live up to the hype...

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Hi checking the MS word Publishing wizard for blogger

Friday, August 26, 2005

Volunteer Party

another volunteer part..another evening of fun.

this time however , it was much more grand and happening.lots more people and yeah even the Director was present to felicitate the volunteers.it was a nice occasion and the informal session that happened after the Director left was even more amazing.

Patents Symposium

Finally done with the Patents Symposium .I was responsible for working on the PR part, so I was pretty happy with my role. I had minor hiccups and dissapointments, but overall the eperience was great.Learning was of course great.I learnt as much as idid in my summers in these 2-3 days onf the conclave.

Cheers to the patent symposium and the entire team of volunteers and of course Dr Anand , because of whom I got involved in all this.

Patents Symposium

Finally done with the Patents Symposium .I was responsible for working on the PR part, so I was pretty happy with my role. I had minor hiccups and dissapointments, but overall the eperience was great.Learning was of course great.I learnt as much as idid in my summers in these 2-3 days onf the conclave.

Cheers to the patent symposium and the entire team of volunteers and of course Dr Anand , because of whom I got involved in all this.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

They Are Back

Yippee....Its the Annual Alumni Meet at GIM and we get to meet all of them wh come from various parts of the country for this Event.

I am looking forward to meet my Seniors ..Oh Boy we miss them

So we all are gonna party over the next 3 days and have the Time of our lives!!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Raksha Bhandan

This is Gyan from the "Dude" of my College

Agar aap bus,train,plane ya kahin se bhi aa jaa rahe hon aur kisi mahila/larki ke hath mein phool,dhaga,chain ya chamakti hue koi bhi vastu dekhein to turant wahan se bhag jaye.Ye vastu RAKHI ho sakti hai. Apki zara se laaparwahi apko BHAI bana sakti hai.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

An Outdoor Trip I won't forget

Last weekend I went for an outdoor trip to Mollem. The place is in the South East Goa, Near Dudhsagar falls. We basically planned it as a Barbeque trip and Overnight stay and then visiting some nearby tourist spots before coming back to campus the next day.

This place is some 75-80 kms from GIM, so we took a car and some bikes. I was a pillion behind Sopan. Now let me tell you something bout this guy. He literally is the kind of person who "Lives on the Edge”. He races along the roads at a blistering 90 Kms/Hr. Well that’s O.K. but then he also has this "ROADRASH" style of overtaking. Hence it wasn't much of a surprise that I straightaway grabbed a helmet before I sat behind him. And yes...said my prayers.

The roads in Goa during the Monsoon ain't very Driver friendly and the journey was full of Jumps and Bumps. This guy just drives across the Rumblers on the road. Somehow the Rumblers in Goa are large enough to be a row of Speed breakers, so imagine my agony when I literally jumped out of my seat a couple of times. Then this guy has to smoke while riding, so he just leaves his hands from the Handle to alight it. I just sit still on my seat. Period.

When we reached the place, we were lucky to find accommodation in a Forest Resort. After we settled in we started on the Prime event of the evening. Barbeque Time. Add to it the Booze. The Barbeque was a great experience in itself. The chicken was fabulous and credit must be given to our In-house Barbeque specialists Sindhura and Vikram. The booze hit most of us and started a round of Fun, bakar and Time pass. I slept at around 2 after having my capacity of drinks. Luckily I didn’t Puke, some others did.

End of Day One.

It’s Morning and we realise that out of the 13 who came in, 4 have gone back
without even informing us. After cursing them for sometime, we decided we will visit a couple of temples in the area before heading back.

We reached the first temple at a place called Tambisurla.Its a beautiful place, very serene and natural. Took some snaps, saw the temple and headed for the 2nd place.

Now this second temple was located on the other side of a stream, away from the main road. Its important to remember that we were a bit away from Civilisation, without mobile connectivity et al.The crossing the stream idea was Sopan's since he had been there before. However we had to leave our car and Bikes behind and wade waist deep into the stream to reach the Temple. The problem was that Sopan didn't anticipate the Tide and Strong currents in this stream during Monsoon. On our first
Attempt we failed, the current literally dragging some of us. Sopan and Pabitra went upstream, to check if its easier to wade through the River there.

They didn't return for some time now, and another guy Aushin now started making up this Concept that we are all part of a teenage Slasher movie.4 guys who tried leaving n the morning already gone, and then 2 others also missing now. Before he could add any more spice to the Story however, they came back, however with a worse problem.

Sopan had apparently tried to wade thru the stream and had lost the car keys in the current, when he lost his balance. Now without the car keys, we were totally cut off. This place was in the middle of nowhere and we were stranded.

Nandan went off on one of the two bikes to look for a mechanic, but didn't return for 2 hrs now. All are valuables were in the Car. We were totally at nature's mercy. Somehow Sopan managed to open one of the doors with a Ruler. Waiting in the car was much better than waiting in the rain. Now Nandan wasn't back for 3 hours so Sopan decided to get a mechanic himself. Now with both bikes gone, we were totally isolated.

Its 3 PM when Sopan finally returns with a mechanic. The guy shorts some wires and starts the car, but the steering is locked! So we can't drive it. We are scared about Nandan, hoping he isn't lost in the forest. Out of the blue comes Nandan, our Knight in Shining amour. He had gone some 20 kms away to Ponda where he found a mechanic who unlocked the steering and got the Car started. Finally after an agony of 5 hours not knowing what Fate we would endure, we finally left for Campus.

This Adventure (More of a Misadventure) taught me a few things. One is that nature still can control you and make it dance to your tunes. Other is that Adventure is dangerous too.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mourge v/s Ot

We have 4 boys hostels, OT ,Mourge,Hill Top and Admin.

Lot of my erstwhile Ot friends(thats one of the boys hostels) tell me that they miss me there.I was the only OT guy that went to Mourge.well truth is that I miss them too, but I kinda wanted some change .OT is the happening place, I admit, but then I needed some peace and quiet I guess.I had an overdose of Bakar and Fun last year.
So whenever I get time I do go to Ot, my erstwhile abode.people tell me that I am an "OT Guy" , so I shouldn't have left it in the frst place.I say on the other hand that I will change the image of Mourge and make it a happening place.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I noticed a strange thing today.Yesterday night I was surfing the net when this news caught my eyes.It was about an Air france flight which crash landed at Toronto.While TOI website said that all 309 aboard werew feared killed, the reuters site confidently said that there is not even a single casualty.Now that TOI realised its mistake, it quickly removed the article, instead of correcting it.

IP War

Although students here at GIM have tons and tons of work to do, their appetite for fun somehow always stays intact. The latest craze here is IP war. It consists of flooding the local network messenger with so many messages that people are totally bugged off..Well most people like my roomie always log out of the network when this happens .Vella people like me however enjoy it and also participate in it.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


saw this Movie "Viruddh" at Panjim Inox with some of my batchmates. I thought the movie rocked, but some others disagreed. Amitabh was good , and so was Sanjay Dutt in a cameo.

I wondered how Sanjay did a cameo in this flim, but then it struck me .Mahesh Manjrekar does such cameos in Sanjay Dutt produced flims all the time. Great idea to reduce costs na?

Hungarian GP

The Hungarian GP was a treat to watch. Though I missed the previous couple of races, I had to watch, cos Micheal was on pole. The man does not have the best car on the circuit anymore, but he surely does know how to get the best out of it.

Being a Schumi fan , I do think sometimes how it hasn't rained at all in any GP this season.Ferrai and Bridgestones are traditionally good in the wet..perhaps things could have been different...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Who talked me into learning to Ride a Bike

The friend who persisted me hat I learn to ride a bike is Vineeta Chakkungal>Althugh I always wanted to learn, somehow there wasn't enough motivation for doing so.now that she has bugged me so much..I finally had to do it

Of Thriller Novels

In the recent past I have lost my zeal for reading novels and the like. So when a friend gave me his novel I was sceptical about whether I could finish it. But it was a interesting one, so i somehow completed it. It took me 7 days, which is slow considering I used to read enid blyton books in 3 hours flat.

BTW , the name of the book is "Area 7" by Matthew Reily

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Happy bday Shinta

Today is the Birthday of one of my very close friends on Campus , Shinta

Happy Bday Dear

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Complete man

Well a few days ago we did this interesting Brand Management assignment on "Raymond " and its subsidary brands like Park Avenue and Color plus.Saw all these ads about a "Complete man" et al

Strangely today I had to go for a Project and i dont know how to ride a bike ..Yeah yeah its true.
I know how to ride the ungeared ones like Activa and Knietic , but no experience in the Motorbike category .Now this female friend of mine, who had to go with me said that its absolutely nessacary for a guy to know how to ride a bike. She Brainwashed me like hell about how important it is to ride a bike and all that.She said that a guy not knowing to ride a bike was not a "Complete Man".

Totally frustated by all this I gave myself an ultimatum that I had to learn how to ride bikes no matter what comes in the way.So I borrowed a bike from one friend and then found a volunteer who would help me learn riding a bike.went to the nearby place called Divar which is sparsely populated and took some driving lessons.Wish me luck in this crazy endavour of mine.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

24 Hours

Rains have lashed mumbai like Hell.
Life is totally wrecked here.The visiting faculty that I talked about earlier has still not left Goa due to bad weather.
My Dad and Brother didnt return home last night.Bro stayed back at a friend's house, but dad was stranded at a Local platform for the whole night.

The most sophisticated city in India ..with the worst drainage system.


How easy is it to pull off a hoax?
I just Did

i created a hypotetical situation last night when that situation never did exist in the first place

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Visiting Faculty is a big pain in the ass.They kill ur weekends as weekdays they have lectures sheduled in their own institutes.Also they shedule as much as 3-5 lectures of the same subject, that too on saturdays or sundays.

hence when they announced that a Visiting faculty was taking Consumer Behaviour classes, I was not too optimistic.But I must admit , the guy was pretty good.he took seperate classes for 2 sections, hence there were no continuous classes, a big relief.

The only annoying thing was his Pronunciation.He pronounced "consumer" as "Conzumer" and "Education as "ezucation".Why he even called my roll call as Jarry Monteiro...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

old pals

you know it feels great chatting with old pals once in a while .today i chated with an old pal frm Engg days....Assad.He is a great guy now doing his MS in the US.man ..i just remember those old engg days..

Also spoke to chandra , a friend doing MBA at ICFAI Hyderabad. He is doing well too.

By the way

Cheers to the GIM Spirt !!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Volunteer Party

I had volunteered in one of the events held here at GIM .As always did some PR for them.It was the Finance conference.The Co-ordinator for the evnt was Miss Kshama Fernandes , one of our esteemed Faculty.

All volunteers for the meet were taken for a party by Miss Kshama.the place was Nostalgia , a quite authentic goan kind of restaurant in Ria near Madgaon.It was a great party you bet.Great Music and Great Food.And to top it all off.yeah..great booze as well.

I was specially sentimental about the food.The Prawn curry was tasting exactly similar towhat my mom cooks at home .wow!

The place is far from my college , so we had hired a car to go there.the trip to and from the place was just like a School Picnic atmosphere, with song and all.

Even after we got back, we did a lot of halla(Noise) in the campus .I hope the Warden is not listening!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Now try this and see if it works

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I am totally bogged down by work now.loads of projects.Each of the electives i have taken has a project which requires visiting a company and doing a project.

Even then I am managing somehow.Plus doing PR for GIM has taken a lot of my time.Butthats my passion and I have to follow it.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I just don't know , but i don't have the same fasination for sharapova as others....Maybe cos I prefer tennis stars who do't model a lot and stick towhat they can do best...Play the Game


I have started doing PR for my coolege..Man its such a good experience to give back something to GIM.

This week was eventful.We had this freshers party which was gr8 fun.Its a tradition at GIM that a fresher asks a senior to go out with him/her to the frehers party. Now since they boy: girl ratio is somewhat like 2:1 only some lucky bastards get a date.I had more than my share of luck...was asked out by 4 girls...man it was embarrasing.

Returned at 6 am from the party after being stranded outsidee the disc for 4 hrs. don't even ask me how....

Friday, June 10, 2005

I am Back

After being away from this blog for about a year..i return back..What was i doing?

MBA 3 letters that have changed my life

Sleeping habits ..Eating habits all have changed

Dunno what the future has for me