Friday, February 07, 2014

People's movements in politics

Arvind Kerarival is the flavour of the season in India right now. He manages to grab all the media attention without spending the huge amounts of PR (Public Relations) money his peers, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi have been spending. And that's not surprising. His party has born out of a people's movement and hence had recieved support from the media right from the beginning. His mentor and former Guru Anna Hazare's IAC movement(India against corruption) was widely publicised. When Anna's movement failed, Arvind could not sit back and watch hopelessly from the sidelines and entered politics. After a great debut in Delhi in 2013, he wants to capture the national stage in 2014. He might well be the party pooper for the major alliances.

There are others too who could to enter politics on the fringes of a people's movement. In Italy, a movement of a similar kind called Five Star Movement is become active under comedian turned activist Beppe Grillo. They contested the 2013 general electiosn and got 25% of votes. They were the in the top 2 largest parties by number of seats won but lower than the majo political coalitions. They will probably get their turn in the next general elections.

Imran Khan in Pakistan has also been a social crusader before his entry into mainstream politics. He has won power in a province, and might get to power in the next general elections.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Open up

I have been growing a a person in the  last few years. I have come to start respecting different cultures and languages, trying out new cuisines and doing things which are not in my comfort zone.Flexibility and willingness to adapt is the hallmark of a evolving person. I look at myself wanting to develop into such a person. One who understands different cultures, open to experimentation and looking forward to discovering new things. If one is willing to keep one;s mind open, it opens up new doors of opportunities. It also helps you to assimilate with other people more easily and be acceptable.

I have notices that being a people person is not a challenge as long as you can understand other people and learn by observing. Being one dimensional does not really work today. It is the era of mutifacetness and multi tasking. Those who can't adapt will be found out. Very much like how a T20 batsman will be found out in a test match