Sunday, July 31, 2005

Happy bday Shinta

Today is the Birthday of one of my very close friends on Campus , Shinta

Happy Bday Dear

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Complete man

Well a few days ago we did this interesting Brand Management assignment on "Raymond " and its subsidary brands like Park Avenue and Color plus.Saw all these ads about a "Complete man" et al

Strangely today I had to go for a Project and i dont know how to ride a bike ..Yeah yeah its true.
I know how to ride the ungeared ones like Activa and Knietic , but no experience in the Motorbike category .Now this female friend of mine, who had to go with me said that its absolutely nessacary for a guy to know how to ride a bike. She Brainwashed me like hell about how important it is to ride a bike and all that.She said that a guy not knowing to ride a bike was not a "Complete Man".

Totally frustated by all this I gave myself an ultimatum that I had to learn how to ride bikes no matter what comes in the way.So I borrowed a bike from one friend and then found a volunteer who would help me learn riding a bike.went to the nearby place called Divar which is sparsely populated and took some driving lessons.Wish me luck in this crazy endavour of mine.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

24 Hours

Rains have lashed mumbai like Hell.
Life is totally wrecked here.The visiting faculty that I talked about earlier has still not left Goa due to bad weather.
My Dad and Brother didnt return home last night.Bro stayed back at a friend's house, but dad was stranded at a Local platform for the whole night.

The most sophisticated city in India ..with the worst drainage system.


How easy is it to pull off a hoax?
I just Did

i created a hypotetical situation last night when that situation never did exist in the first place

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Visiting Faculty is a big pain in the ass.They kill ur weekends as weekdays they have lectures sheduled in their own institutes.Also they shedule as much as 3-5 lectures of the same subject, that too on saturdays or sundays.

hence when they announced that a Visiting faculty was taking Consumer Behaviour classes, I was not too optimistic.But I must admit , the guy was pretty good.he took seperate classes for 2 sections, hence there were no continuous classes, a big relief.

The only annoying thing was his Pronunciation.He pronounced "consumer" as "Conzumer" and "Education as "ezucation".Why he even called my roll call as Jarry Monteiro...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

old pals

you know it feels great chatting with old pals once in a while .today i chated with an old pal frm Engg days....Assad.He is a great guy now doing his MS in the ..i just remember those old engg days..

Also spoke to chandra , a friend doing MBA at ICFAI Hyderabad. He is doing well too.

By the way

Cheers to the GIM Spirt !!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Volunteer Party

I had volunteered in one of the events held here at GIM .As always did some PR for them.It was the Finance conference.The Co-ordinator for the evnt was Miss Kshama Fernandes , one of our esteemed Faculty.

All volunteers for the meet were taken for a party by Miss Kshama.the place was Nostalgia , a quite authentic goan kind of restaurant in Ria near Madgaon.It was a great party you bet.Great Music and Great Food.And to top it all off.yeah..great booze as well.

I was specially sentimental about the food.The Prawn curry was tasting exactly similar towhat my mom cooks at home .wow!

The place is far from my college , so we had hired a car to go there.the trip to and from the place was just like a School Picnic atmosphere, with song and all.

Even after we got back, we did a lot of halla(Noise) in the campus .I hope the Warden is not listening!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Now try this and see if it works

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I am totally bogged down by work now.loads of projects.Each of the electives i have taken has a project which requires visiting a company and doing a project.

Even then I am managing somehow.Plus doing PR for GIM has taken a lot of my time.Butthats my passion and I have to follow it.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I just don't know , but i don't have the same fasination for sharapova as others....Maybe cos I prefer tennis stars who do't model a lot and stick towhat they can do best...Play the Game


I have started doing PR for my coolege..Man its such a good experience to give back something to GIM.

This week was eventful.We had this freshers party which was gr8 fun.Its a tradition at GIM that a fresher asks a senior to go out with him/her to the frehers party. Now since they boy: girl ratio is somewhat like 2:1 only some lucky bastards get a date.I had more than my share of luck...was asked out by 4 it was embarrasing.

Returned at 6 am from the party after being stranded outsidee the disc for 4 hrs. don't even ask me how....