Friday, July 22, 2005

Volunteer Party

I had volunteered in one of the events held here at GIM .As always did some PR for them.It was the Finance conference.The Co-ordinator for the evnt was Miss Kshama Fernandes , one of our esteemed Faculty.

All volunteers for the meet were taken for a party by Miss Kshama.the place was Nostalgia , a quite authentic goan kind of restaurant in Ria near Madgaon.It was a great party you bet.Great Music and Great Food.And to top it all off.yeah..great booze as well.

I was specially sentimental about the food.The Prawn curry was tasting exactly similar towhat my mom cooks at home .wow!

The place is far from my college , so we had hired a car to go there.the trip to and from the place was just like a School Picnic atmosphere, with song and all.

Even after we got back, we did a lot of halla(Noise) in the campus .I hope the Warden is not listening!

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