Saturday, June 23, 2007

News !

Well I was just watching the India - Ireland ODI when my dad asked me to switch to a news channel to catch the news.Well i asked him if i could switch to a news channel after 2-3 overs.

I can switch back to the scene about 10 years ago.people would still want to catch the 7pm 'Batmya' or Marathi news on DD1. Now they are spoilt for choice. At least 10 news channels...24*7...

But, is it that the frequency of significant events has increased in the last 10 years.I don't think so.Then how come there is enough news for these channels to come 10 years ago all the news could be fitted into 30 minutes a day, and now there is enough news to last 24 hours?

The answer is repetition .The same news on all channels with little diffrentiation. also the same clips repeating again and again.Any stupid niche news becomes 'BREAKING NEWS'. Also put an astrologer here, a tarot card reader there...and hey you managed to create content for a 24 hour news channel.