Saturday, July 30, 2005

Complete man

Well a few days ago we did this interesting Brand Management assignment on "Raymond " and its subsidary brands like Park Avenue and Color plus.Saw all these ads about a "Complete man" et al

Strangely today I had to go for a Project and i dont know how to ride a bike ..Yeah yeah its true.
I know how to ride the ungeared ones like Activa and Knietic , but no experience in the Motorbike category .Now this female friend of mine, who had to go with me said that its absolutely nessacary for a guy to know how to ride a bike. She Brainwashed me like hell about how important it is to ride a bike and all that.She said that a guy not knowing to ride a bike was not a "Complete Man".

Totally frustated by all this I gave myself an ultimatum that I had to learn how to ride bikes no matter what comes in the way.So I borrowed a bike from one friend and then found a volunteer who would help me learn riding a bike.went to the nearby place called Divar which is sparsely populated and took some driving lessons.Wish me luck in this crazy endavour of mine.

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