Saturday, October 08, 2005

Salaam Namaste

Yesterday I saw Salaam Namaste On LAN.I Think its strictly an OK Movie , and certainly does not live up to the hype some of its ardent fans create.

The kind of life Saif leads .well cannot even be a creation of the most irrational of thinkers .What crap about him going to a restaurant to design it and becoming a chef there..huh.

And the Side Characters are really Sidey.Whats with the overacting of the Restaraunt Owner, the Radio Station Owner and most shockingly Javed Jaffery's Character.AB's Baby in the final moments is a real pain ,when he comes for a guest appearance in Yash Uncle's Film.

And any Rational person who saw the film would kno..The 2nd half of the movie looked so similar to "Kya Kehna".And I saw Saif Giving a lecture toArshad Warsi on Using Protection ..Hello Chote Nawab..havent u heard of the Dictum "Practice Before U Preach"

All in all I felt that Arshad Warsi's Character was well written.Jugal Hansraj was a waste .And whats this new craze in the Yashraj Stable to base all their films Abroad?This Yashraj film certainly didnt live up to the hype...

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