Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mourge v/s Ot

We have 4 boys hostels, OT ,Mourge,Hill Top and Admin.

Lot of my erstwhile Ot friends(thats one of the boys hostels) tell me that they miss me there.I was the only OT guy that went to Mourge.well truth is that I miss them too, but I kinda wanted some change .OT is the happening place, I admit, but then I needed some peace and quiet I guess.I had an overdose of Bakar and Fun last year.
So whenever I get time I do go to Ot, my erstwhile abode.people tell me that I am an "OT Guy" , so I shouldn't have left it in the frst place.I say on the other hand that I will change the image of Mourge and make it a happening place.


Anonymous said...

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Gary said...

Hi there,
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