Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An hour at SBI

Today I happened to go to SBI at Shivaji Park, to get an MBA entrance
test form for my bro. Reached a bit early so I tried looking around
and amusing myself. Since it was early morning, I saw all those ppl
hurriedly walking towards the rail station, the BMC dumpers trying to
pack the garbage from the dumps, the shopkeepers just opening their
shutters...and before I knew it, it was time for the bank to open.

Typical babudom rules the roost.

Here is a time trail

Trying to find someone in the bank who knew abt the form I wanted- 5 mins
Waiting fr theperson (as the person hadn't come)- 10mins
Finding out that I need to fill a slip first- 2 mins
...and finding the counter to deposit it-5 mins
realising that the line I am standing is not moving - 5 mins
making the decison to jump to the other line-2 min
The list goes on

and SBI is the leading bank in India...Amen

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