Monday, June 21, 2010

Rains and the Economy

We all know the co-realtion between good rains and the economy. In India we always thought that as we are an agriculture domianted economy, we are very dependent on rains .

However an interesting thought came to my mind the other day. Rains are great for the urban economy too. Look at Mumbai as an example. The moment it rains, all rickshaw and taxi drivers who otherwise have no 'bhada' are in business. people who normally take buses / trains will take rick / taxi to reach their destinations. The other day there were no ricks at the arrivals where normally there is a serpentine queque of ricks and supply overshoots demand. Why? because it was raining and the rickshaws in the area had already got long haul passengers to bother waiting at the airport.

talking of rains, we in mumbai are hoping it rains well this year and fills all our water supplying lakes. Keep your fingers crossed.

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