Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sanjay Dutt

On 31st August 2007, Justice Kode sentenced Sanjay Dutt to 6 years RI. I don't know but i have this gut feel that Dutt, even is he has to undergo the sentence (if the SC turns down his appeal) will come back a stronger man, and will continue delivering hits.In the past he has risen like a phoinex when industry experts gave him no chance.

Lets look at his past comebacks.

Naam (1986) : after his debut in Rocky (1981) he seemed to fade away before getting back to teh box office with a bang in this movie.

Khalnayak (1993) : Released when Dutt was in Prison, this movie again established the fact that he could play Grey shades with ease, perhaps the first of the A grade stars of his time to attempt a negative character and be successful.

Vastav (1999) : after releasing from prison , Dutt starred in several unsuccessful movies and was declared a spent force when he came back with Vastav.

Munnabhai MBBS (2003):again to put a rest to the doubting thomas of the world, here came a rejuvenated Dutt , with his producers laughing all the way to the bank.

i wont count Lage Raho Munnabhai (2006) cos i won't classify it as a comeback film.I was itching to include Saajan (1991) but its just missed my cut.


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Priyanka Mahanta said...

Hi Gary, just came by. Wud like to add that this man Sanju Baba has come a long way and the most important thing is that the public loves him madly...doesn't matter whatever he has done, he somehow manages to look guilt-free in the public eyes, unlike Salman Khan. I'm sure he'll come back as a much stronger man and actor in more and more forthcoming hits. I like the man...