Sunday, February 04, 2007

Heartless Mumbai

A recent incident in the Local train has left me speechless about the heart of the city.
I was traveling in a local train in the morning.Although it was peak hour, since it was a Saturday, there wasn't much rush.I boarded at the starting station i.e Borivali and sat down.At Kandivali, some people got in.Just as the train was about to start, someone noticed a pickpocket trying to flick a purse.he was caught, although he tried to get down before the train started.The people started abusing him and then started hitting him like he was some punching bag.Thy hit him without any mercy.I was totally stunned by this misbehavior.The crowd then stripped him of his garments ad threw him out of the train at Malad, the next station.
I think that even if someone would have tried to stop the crowd, they would have hit that person too.It seemed as if the crowd was just channeling their everyday life frustration on that pickpocket, be it their boss, wife or someone else.I know the pickpocket was in the wrong, but did he deserve all this? when one old gentleman told the mob to stop and hand the person to the police ,he was asked to shut up, and told that the police is hand in glove with such guys.

Is it that Mumbai has lost its heart?


Priya said...

:) Thought-provoking...

and btw,Thanks for linkin' my blog to yours :)

Nandita Mundle said...

didnt know you blogged.
way to go!
how did u come across mine btw?

asgar said...

Garry we need thinkers and leaders like u if we have to change India,
People like u can bring revolution in this country.

My suggestion to u is please join politics.

I know politics is a gutter but we have to go in the gutter to clean it.

Best of luck, my good wishes and vote is with u.

Jai Hind

By ur true friend

Priyanka Mahanta said...

Ask me... Delhi is worse by Mumbai's standards...