Sunday, November 26, 2006

True Spirit of Christmas

Since, I was a kid, Christmas has always been special for me.It was always an occasion to look forward to, not only for gifts, but also because it gave a change for us kids to feel good, meet other cousins and have a good time.

And so when I decided to do my MBA away from Mumbai, one thing on my mind was, how will Christmas be away from home? I want to be at home, i must.But that wasn't something I had control over.

Christmas eve came.Although my parents were not with me, mom tried to make up by sending some foodstuff for me from home.Although it wasn't enough, at least something is better than nothing.I decided to go along for mass with my friends.I have always had a lot of non catholic friends all my life, and MBA was no different.My friends had never been for a mid night mass before, and I asked them asking them to come with me.We had a nice time at the mass, in the open grounds, listening to the Christmas story and singing carols, and I almost forgot that I was away from home.Being with my new family, my college mates, made me more than happy.Before we knew, mass ended, we greeted each other, came back to the hostel and went to our respective rooms.

I felt something missing, there was a family here, but where is the spirit of Christmas? It is then that I saw the bag of cookies sent by mom, and it hit me.I sat on my laptop and typed a message on the instant messenger calling one and all in the hostel to share the cookies.Moments later, my room was full of people, all sharing the stuff I had got.Another Catholic friend barged in, apparently he had just received some stuff from his folks sometime ago.And there we were, now celebrating the true spirit of Christmas.Yes the true spirit of Christmas is in sharing.

It was indeed a Merry Christmas now!

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