Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

This New Year has been one of the best I have had for years.I mean the New Year celebrations . Except the fact that I was not with my family, everything else was so great.

It all started with an evening at Onkar’s house .Onkar is a batch mate of mine who stays in Panjim .He was kind enough to invite some of us to his house for tea. We all ate dholkas and jalebis here (Yummy!!!).

After this I was back on campus at around 7.had to go for a party so got all ready. I was wearing proper formals complete with blazer and formal suit for the party, because that was the dress code!

After we friends were ready we decided to dine out , so went to our favorite restaurant in Goa. Don Pedro’s. Amazing dishes, but mostly non – vegetarian, so veggies stay away.
After food we went to a friends house to pick her. She also bought her cousin along, my date for the evening. A very pleasant personality and I did enjoy her company.

Now to the party. The place is Rendezvous, same club where we had this year’s GIM fresher party. I didn’t actually want to go there but then democracy rules and my group wanted to go here. I had no problems, it’s important to be with our friends for New Year, place isn’t so important.
The dance was more formal, so I didn’t actually like it.The count down to the New Year was great and so were the hugs and kisses after the New Year started. We danced to some foot tapping music before it was time for the Miss teen contest there. The contestants were good looking but somehow their answers to questions by the judges were not that good

Anyway we got out of that place at 3:30.went to Miramar CCD but found it crowded so went to the Panjim CCD.sat there doing gupshup for an hour and then went back to campus.

Once back on campus, we thought about going on a road trip and seeing the sunrise somewhere at a vantage point. So we reached the 17th century built Aguada fort and from there we viewed the rising sun. After that me and a friend, Nandan went down the western cliff before the fort till we reached the ocean. After taking some snaps we came back .It was 8:30 by this time.

I remembered that my mom had told me to attend mass and reaching Panjim for 9 am mass didn’t look possible .So I decided to go to my friend Sharon’s house for mass. She has a chapel just outside her house, in her yard. After attending mass there we came back on campus.

I had a late breakfast and slept. It was around 11:30 AM by the time I slept. It was a long and eventful night

Happy New Year everyone

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